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Download - Shropshire Harmony

Music for  October 2018 Workshop


Bb inst Horn in F - XML files
O Come Away M56_O come away.pdf ------none------ M56_O come away.xml
Psalm 33 - John Wall  Calcott P85_Calcott-Ps33 expanded 3vv.pdf P85_Calcott-Ps33 expanded 3vv - Bb inst.pdf P85_Psalm33_Calcott-Revsd191018.xml
Psalm 128 - Dobney P172_Michael-Dobney_Psalm-128.pdf P172_Michael-Dobney_Psalm-128-Bbinsts.pdf P172_Michael-Dobney_Psalm-128.xml
Psalm 22 - John Valentine P161_Psalm XXII John Valentine-O_God_My_God-2.pdf P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Bbinsts.pdf P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Tenor.xml
treble & alto P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Treble_Alto.pdf P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Treble_Alto-Bbinsts.pdf    
tenor P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Tenor-Voices.pdf P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Tenor-Bbinsts.pdf P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Tenor.xml
bass P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Bass_Instrumental Bass.pdf P161_Psalm-XXII_John-Valentine_O-God-My-God_Bass_Instrumental Bass-Bbinsts.pdf    
Psalm 23 - Thomas Firth P101-Ps_23Watts-Wigan_Thomas Firth.pdf P101-Ps_23Watts-Wigan_Thomas Firth - Bb inst.pdf P101_Ps_23Watts-Wigan expanded.xml
Harvest Home - Sugden MS H114_Harvest Home-6 lines 8s-SugdenMS.pdf H114_Harvest Home-6 lines 8s-SugdenMS-Bb-Insts.pdf H114_Harvest Home-6 lines 8s-SugdenMS-inDma.xml
Solemnity - Thomas Jarman H134_Jarman_Solemnity_Hark-from-the-tombs-a-doleful-sound.pdf H134_Jarman_Solemnity_Hark-from-the-tombs-a-doleful-sound-Bbinsts.pdf H134_Jarman_Solemnity_Hark-from-the-tombs-a-doleful-sound.xml
Prophecy - Thomas Jarman H142_Prophecy_Jarman_Northamptonshire-Harmony.pdf H142_Prophecy_Jarman_Northamptonshire-Harmony-Bbinsts.pdf  
Bethlehem by Ding C145_Bethlehem by Ding A minor.pdf C145_Bethlehem by Ding A minor-Bbinsts.pdf C145_Bethlehem by Ding E minor-Finsts.pdf
C145_Bethlehem by Ding A minor.xml
Awake Awake - Thomas Merritt C178_Awake awake the lofty song in Dma.pdf C178_Awake awake the lofty song in Ema-Bb inst.pdf C178_Awake awake the lofty song_Merritt3-revised 2018(2).xml
Hymn for Christmas Day - Matthew Cook C194_Hymn for ChristmasDay_MatthewCook-inGma.pdf C194_Hymn for ChristmasDay_MatthewCook-Ama-Bbinsts.pdf C194_Hymn for ChristmasDay_MatthewCook-inGma.xml
Hark, hear ye not - Knapp C114_Hark hear ye not a chearful noise_Knapp.pdf C114_Hark hear ye not a chearful voice_Knapp-BbinstsTclef.pdf C114_Hark hear ye not a chearful voice_Knapp.xml
There were shepherds - Joseph Key A61_Key_There were shepherds.pdf A61_Key There were shepherds Bb.pdf    
I heard a great voice - Billings A78_Funeral Anthem-Billings-F minor.pdf A78_Funeral Anthem-Billings-Gminor-Bbinsts.pdf  
With my jug in one hand - J.H. M8_With my jug in one hand.pdf M8_With my jug in one hand-Bbinsts.pdf M008_With my jug in one hand.xml
treble M8_With my jug in one hand_Treble.pdf M8_With my jug in one hand-Bbinsts.pdf    
alto M8_With my jug in one hand_Alto.pdf M8_With my jug in one hand_Alto-Bb.pdf    
tenor M8_With my jug in one hand_Tenor.pdf M8_With my jug in one hand_Tenor-Bb.pdf M8_With my jug in one hand_Tenor.xml
bass M8_With my jug in one hand_Bass.pdf M8_With my jug in one hand_Bass-Bb.pdf    
Anthem on Psalm 128    NEW Blessed are all they that fear the Lord A91_AnthemVII-onPsalm128_John Bishop-N'thmbrlandMS.pdf
No extracted parts
A91_AnthemVII-onPsalm128_John Bishop-N'thmbrland-Bbinsts.pdf  
My soul come meditate the day H144_Serious-Thoughts_F-W-Saunders.pdf H144_Serious-Thoughts_F-W-Saunders-2016-Bbinsts.pdf    
The Presbyterian Cat - M46_The Presbyterian Cat.pdf M46_The Presbyterian Cat-Bbinsts.pdf M46_The Presbyterian Cat.xml
Once upon my cheek - J W Calcott M32_Calcott_Once -upon-my-cheek-in-Cma_full-score.pdf M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek-in-D-Bb insts).pdf M32_Calcott_Once upon my cheek in Cma (2).xml
treble M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek_Treble.pdf M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek in_Treble-Bbinsts.pdf    
alto M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek_Alto.pdf M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek_Alto-Bbinsts.pdf    
tenor M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek_Tenor.pdf M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek in_Tenor-Bbinsts.pdf /M32_Calcott_Once upon my cheek in Cma (2)_Tenor.xml
bass in bass clef M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek_Bass.pdf M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek_Bass-Bbinsts-in-bass-clef.pdf    
bass in treble clef ------none------ M32_Calcott_Once-upon-my-cheek_Bass-Bbinsts-in-treble-clef.pdf    
Come unto me - Thomas Clark A79_Clark_Come unto me - T Clark - full score.pdf      
Vocal score

A79_Come unto me - T Clark - voices.pdf

A79_Come unto me - T Clark - voices -Bb inst    
V 1
A79_Clark_Come unto me - V1 & Flute.pdf A79_Clark_Come unto me - V1 & Flute - Bb .pdf    
V 2
A79_Clark_Come unto me - V2 & Clarinet.pdf A79_Clark_Come unto me - V2 & Clarinet Bb inst.pdf    
V 3
/A79_Clark_Come unto me - V3 & Oboe.pdf A79_Clark_Come unto me - V3 & Oboe - Bb inst.pdf    
bass A79_Clark_Come unto me - Cello & Serpent.pdf A79_Clark_Come unto me - Bass Clarinet in Bb.pdf    
2018 Booklets        
Concert Shropshire-Oct-2018-CONCERT.pdf      
Bb instruments Shropshire-Oct-2018-Bbinsts.pdf      

Music for January 2013 Workshop


Bb inst Horn in F
Newton’s or St Paul’s C001_Newtons or St Paul's 2012.pdf C001_Newtons or St Paul's-Bb inst 2012.pdf C001_Newtons or St Paul's-Horn in F.pdf  
Old Foster - WSWTFBN Old Foster in C with full symphs
revised final.pdf
Old Foster in C with full symphs
Bb inst revised final.pdf
Old Foster in C with full symphs-HORNinF.pdf  
Milford Milford 2012.pdf Milford-Bb inst 2012.pdf Milford_Horn in F.pdf  
Seraphic Minstrels - (Sound, sound your instruments of joy) - Ninnis C140_Seraphic Minstrels.pdf C140_Seraphic Minstrels - Bb inst.pdf C140_Seraphic_Minstrels-Ninnis-Horn in F.pdf  
Shepherds Rejoice C160_Shepherds Rejoice_Seal Ms.pdf C160_Shepherds Rejoice_Seal Ms - Bb inst.pdf C160_Shepherds rejoice_SealMS-Horns in F.pdf  
Birley Edge C165_BirleyEdge_and_instrumental_parts.pdf C165_ BirleyEdge_and_instrumental_parts-Bb_inst.pdf C165_BirleyEdge_and_instrumental_parts-Horn in F (2).pdf  
Tenants of the Earth C86_Rejoice ye tenants_Gifford.pdf C86_Rejoice ye tenants_Gifford-Bb inst.pdf C086_Rejoice ye tenants-Horn in F.pdf  
Joy to the World - Thomas Jarman C169_Joy to the World - Jarman.pdf C169_Joy to the World - Jarman - Bb inst.pdf C169_Joy to the World - Jarman in G - Horn in F.pdf  
Diadem Diadem with Symphs in Bbma concert 2012.pdf Diadem with Symphs in Cma for Bflat inst.pdf Diadem with Symphs for Horn in F.pdf  
Old Christians C74_Old Christians in Cma.pdf C74_Old Christians in Dma-Bb insts.pdf C74_Old Christians in Cma-Horn in F.pdf  
________ Instruments C74 Old Christians orchestral version in C.pdf C74 Old Christians orchestral version in D-Bb inst.pdf C74 Old Christians orchestral version in C amended-HORN in F.pdf  
_________ Tenor Clef for cello to play Tenor line   C74 Old Christians orchestral version in Cma Tenor clef for cello.pdf    
Otford - WSWTFBN C94_Otford_Beesly.pdf C94_Otford_Beesly - Bb inst.pdf /C094_WSW-Otford-Horn in F.pdf  
Hymn for Christmas Day - John Sreeve C166_Hark Hark - Sreeve.pdf C166_An Hymn for Christmas Day_Sreeve-Bbinst.pdf C166_An Hymn for Christmas Day_Sreeve-HORNinF.pdf  
Sherbyrn Tune - WSWTFBN C149W_Sherbyrn for Shropshire Harmony 2012.pdf C149W_Sherbyrn for Shropshire Harmony 2012 B flat.pdf C149W_Sherbyrn for Shropshire Harmony 2012-HorninF.pdf  
Remember O thou Man C49b_Remember O thou man.pdf C49b_Remember O thou man - Bb inst.pdf C049B_Remember Man Tenor Voice for Horn in F.pdf  
We Singers Make Bold C179_We Singers Make Bold_2part version.pdf C179_We Singers Make Bold_2part version-Bb inst.pdf C179_We Singers Make Bold_2part version-Horn in F.pdf  
2013 Booklets        
Booklet ShopshireBooklet-final2.pdf      
Bb Booklet ShopshireBooklet-final2-Bb copy.pdf      


Shropshire Carols/Horn parts.pdf      

Music for  October 2012 Workshop


Bb inst Horn in F
Birmingham - unknown H23c_Birmingham(2013).pdf H23c_Birmingham_Bb-inst(2013).pdf H23c_Birmingham_Horn-in-F.pdf
Gibraltar - W S White P56 Gibraltar - Jesus shall reign.pdf P56_Gibraltar - Bb inst.pdf P56_Gibraltar-JesusShallReign-HorninF.pdf
The Barren Fig Tree -
John Beaumont
A72_TheBarrenFigTree_Beaumont.pdf A72_TheBarrenFigTree_Beaumont-Bb.pdf A72_TheBarrenFigTree_Beaumont-HorninF.pdf
Morning Flower -
J Leach
H34_Morning Flower2.pdf H34_Morning Flower Bb inst2.pdf H43_Morning Flower_Leach-HorninF.pdf
The Black Hymn -
T Campion
H93_The Black Hymn.pdf H93_The Black Hymn - Bb inst.pdf H93_The Black Hymn-HorninF.pdf
Creation - 'Haydn' P40a_Ps93NV_Creation-Last full wain.pdf P40a_Ps93NV_Creation-Last full wain - Bb inst.pdf P48a_Psalm_93NV-Creation&LastFullWain-HorninF.pdf
Easter Anthem -
William Billings
A23_Easter Anthem.pdf None available - sung unaccompanied. May not necessarily be sung at pitch! None available - sung unaccompanied. MP3 file downloadable from this URL


Hymn for Good Friday - James Evison H96_Hymn for Good Friday_Evison.pdf H96_Hymn for Good Friday_Evison_Bb-inst.pdf H96_Hymn for Good Friday_Evison_HorninF.pdf
The Dormouse -
Benjamin Cooke
M64_Epitaph on a Dormouse.pdf M64_Epitaph on a Dormouse - Bb .pdf M64_Epitaph on a Dormouse-HorninF.pdf
Glorious Apollo -
Samuel Webbe
M60_Glorious_Apollo_Webbe.pdf M60_Glorious_Apollo_Webbe - Bb .pdf M60_Glorious_Apollo_Webbe-Horn in F.pdf
Anthem from Psalm 65 - unknown A48_Anthem taken out of the 65th Ps.pdf A48_Anthem taken out of the 65th Ps - Bb inst.pdf A48_Anthem taken out of the 65th Psalm_HorninF.pdf
Hymn on the Gunpowder Plot - unknown H66_Gunpowder pdf H66_Gunpowder- Bb inst.pdf H66_Hymn on the Gunpowder Plot-Horn in F.pdf
Psalm XVIII - Joseph Key P129_Psalm18_Joseph Key.pdf P129_Psalm18_Joseph Key-Bb inst.pdf P129_Psalm018_Joseph Key - Horn in F.pdf

not available

Brailes -
William Groves Perry
H90_Brailes by Perry treble led.pdf H90_Brailes by Perry treble led Bb inst.pdf H90_Brailes by Perry treble led-Horn in F.pdf
Conclusion -
Amram Taylor
H94_Conclusion_Amram Taylor.pdf H94_Conclusion_Amram Taylor - Bb inst.pdf H94_Conclusion_Amram Taylor-Horn in F.pdf


Evensong proforma