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Where to see us this year


If you would like to be on our mailing list, or to book us, please contact the Secretary or Quiremaster.

Because of the current Coronavirus pandemic we have sadly had to
cancel all future practices and concerts, workshops, etc. 
However, at present the venue for
Sing Birmingam 2021 in November is still booked

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Mid-Shires' Quires Day
24 April 2021
Regretfully this has now
had to be cancelled
but we have provisionally booked a date for 2022  -- 
Sing Birmingham 2021 Sing Birmingham 2021 at King's Norton, Birmingham,
on 6th Novenber 2021.
Let us hope that this will be possible by that time!

Unfortunately, with the continuing pandemic scare and
virus still raging in our midst, neither practices nor concerts
can take place
, and we all feel bereft of making music.

However, we regularly use ZOOM for out fortnightly practices,
these being on alternate Wednesday evenings when we would
have been in Northgate Methodist Church Hall.

If you would like details of these, please contact Secretary or Quiremaster.

Where have we been in the past . . . ?   Visit this page.

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The ecclesiastical year 2006-2031

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Calendar 2019

A Table of Moveable Feasts
 2018 - 2010.  

 2018.  Golden Number: V.  The Epact: 13.  Sunday Letter: G.  Sundays after Epiphany: Three.  Septuagesima Sunday: 28 January.  The First Day of Lent: 14 February.  Easter Day: 1 April.  Rogation Sunday: 6 May.  Ascension Day: 10 May.  Whitsunday: 20 May.  Sundays after Trinity: 26.  Advent Sunday: 2 December.

 2019.  Golden Number: VI.  The Epact: 24.  Sunday Letter: F.  Sundays after Epiphany: Five.  Septuagesima Sunday: 17 February.  The First Day of Lent: 6 March.  Easter Day: 21 April.  Rogation Sunday: 26 May.  Ascension Day: 30 May.  Whitsunday: 9 June.  Sundays after Trinity: 23.  Advent Sunday: 1 December.

 2020.  Golden Number: VII.  The Epact: 5.  Sunday Letter: ED.  Sundays after Epiphany: Four.  Septuagesima Sunday: 9 February.  The First Day of Lent: 26 February.  Easter Day: 12 April.  Rogation Sunday: 17 May.  Ascension Day: 21 May.  Whitsunday: 31 May. Sundays after Trinity: 24.  Advent Sunday: 29 November.