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 Music and Pictures from Past Performances

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      Over a number of years a number of our practices and performances were recorded by Peter Gatenby, one of our basses, who quite often could be found hiding in a pulpit or other inconspicuous place in church or chapel, with his tape recorder. Sadly he left us in 2011, and then died on 28th May 2012.

      The pieces of music below are taken from Peter's recordings, and h+is (sometimes individual) interpretations of our peformances, and put on to disk. The Notes are also his. On disk, these separate items follow each other automatically to form an entity. On-line, they require individual downloading.

      Enjoy them in the spirit in which Peter recorded them, and embellished them for posterity.You will recognise the voices of several singers and players now no longer with us.

     Thank you Peter! And, thank you Immanuel's Ground for the fun which we have had together!

Index to pages with pictures, some matching the music events below

Concert at St Peter's, Wootten Wawen  -  15 June 2010 

Pictures:  15 June 2010 - Wootton Warwen festival Concert.
                 Also, enlarged Wootton Warwen 2010 photo page 

  A Funeral      
Shropshire Funeral Hymn
Weep not for me; words anon from an 1820 Sampler, tune attrib. to Jno Symons in a ms music book entitled Shropshire Harmony, written by Jno. Symons.      
Track2.mp3 A verse from Thomas Gray 1716-1771, Elegy written in a Country Churchyard. 'The paths of glory lead but to the grave.'  
My Life's a Shade
My Life's a Shade', a funeral hymn, words by Samuel Crossman, 1624-1683. Music by William Knapp of Poole 1698-1769. '
Track4.mp3 An  extract from 'Old Oak': The Story of an Engish Forest Village by Rev'd J E Linnell, The history of Silverstone, or Silson, Buckinghamshire.
Vital Spark
The Dying Christian to his Soul, words by Alexander Pope 1688-1744 after 1 Corinthians 15:55, also known as Vital Spark, 'O death where is thy sting'. Pub. Addison 1711, music by Edward Harwood 1786.  
  IGQ 5  -  France 0      
Warwickshire March
The Warwickshire March. The Warwickshire Yeomanry was raised in 1794 to repel the French.      
Track7.mp3 Look out, Boney's coming!  
God Save Great George
God Save Great George Our King, an early version of the National Anthem, used by the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.    
Sound, Trumpet, Sound
Sound, Trumpet Sound. 'A song for Too Voices', a patriotic ditty c. 1756 at the start of the Seven Years' War with France. Ms addition to Arnold's Compleat Psalmodist 1753.    
The Glass was just timed
The Glass was Just Timed, a round from a book of drinking songs. "Success to old England, confusion to France". Music by Henry Purcell 1657-1695.  
  O Lady Luxborough!      
Track11.mp3 Lady Luxborough - The scandal.    
Barrels, a hymn by John Wesley, 1758. Tune by William Perry, composer and organist of Cow Lane Chapel, Warwick 1796-1863.  
Brailes, by Robert Robinson, to another tune by William Perry.  
  Two Dances and a Round      
A clog dance by Karen Bullen, to Enrico by the Quire band.  
Great Tom is Cast
Great Tom is Cast, a round for audience and quire. This Great Tom is the bourdon bell in Tom Tower, Christchurch, Oxford, which weighs about 6 tons.      
Chapple - Minuet
A minuet by Samuel Chapple 1775-1833, of Ashburton, Devon, by the band.      
  Not the French, this time!      
Track17.mp3 Dastardly regicide.    
Hymn on Gunpowder Plot
Hymn on the Gunpowder Plot, from a manuscript in Warwick CRO, words by Rev'd Philip Doddridge, music by William Beasley of Brinklow, Warwickshire.    
  Booze and Salvation      
Here's a Health to all Good Lasses
A glee; Here's a health to all good lasses, from the Orphean Lyre 1837. Music by Pietro Guglielmi 1722.      
Track20.mp3 Rob Watts sings a 17c hunting song (more likely a drinking song or the hunters!)    
Track21.mp3 A homily on the demon drink.  
O come, come away
O come, come away ... come sign the pledge. from Bradbury's Orila 1859, tune by Dr William Hauser 1848.  
  William Billings 1746-1800
of Boston, New England
Track23.mp3 About William Billings, American composer and lyricist.  
Easter Anthem
Easter Anthem by William Bllings.      
Track25.mp3 About William Billings's 'Chester'.  
Let tyrants shake their iron rods, to Billings's tune 'Chester' - an American patriotic hymn of their War of Independence.      
Track27.mp3 The cost of war.      
  Some English church music,
west gallery and traditional
Track29.mp3 Hell awaits.  
Bristol New
'Day of judgement day of wonders', words by John Newton 1725-1807; tune Bristol New by Matthew Peacock 1780-1858 of Chesham, Bucks from his collection The Devotional Melodist 1837.      
34th Psalm - Stephenson
Psalm 34 New Version, paraphrase from Tate & Brady 1696, music by Joseph Stephenson of Poole 1723-1810.
Coventry Carol
Coventry Carol, 16C, a lullaby, collected by Sharp 1825.      
Green Street
Green Street. All hail the power of Jesu's name, by Edward Perronet1799, to the tune Green Street anon.      
Gibraltar, a setting of the words 'Jesus shall reign where'er the sun',  by Isaac Watts, tune by W J White of St Albans 1792-1832. From the Herring MSS, Marsh Gibbon, Bucks.      

12 December 2010 

Track1.mp3 Introduction & instrumental - Sheila Macadam C 222
Track2.mp3 Adderbury Church  -  Janet Blunt's MSS, Adderbury    
Track3.mp3 Newtons or St Pauls, or Newton's Double  - Janet Blunt's MSS, and many other MSS    
Track4.mp3 Calcutta  -  Hark, the Herald Angels sing    
Track5.mp3 Arise and Hail  -    
Track6.mp3 Star of Bethlehem  -    
Track7.mp3 Come let us all  -    
Track8.mp3 Come Celebrate  -    
Track9.mp3 Arise, sing and rejoice  -    
Track10.mp3 Bennington  - 
William Billings, Mass.
Track11.mp3 Pentonville  -
William Marsh of Kent
Track12.mp3 Shepherds Rejoice  -    
Track13.mp3 Angels from the realms of Glory  -    
Track14.mp3 Otford  -  While Shepherds watched
Michael Beesly of Wooton, Cumnor, Oxford and Blewbury, Berks.
Track15.mp3 There is a star  -    
Track16.mp3 I heard the bells on Christmas Day  -    
Track17.mp3 Bethlehem  -    
Track18.mp3 Mortals Awake  -    
Track19.mp3 Hail Happy Morn  -    
Track20.mp3 Bengal  -    
Track21.mp3 Christmas Hymn  -
Track22.mp3 Joy to the World 
Joseph Key, Nuneaton
Track23.mp3 Awake the lofty song  -    
Track24.mp3 Lyngham  - While shepherds watched 
Thomas Jarman

14th June 2008 

Track1.mp3 34th Psalm
Joseph Stephenson
Sheila Macadam P42
Track2.mp3 Hymn on the Gunpowder Plot
William Beasley of Brinklow
Alan Morris H66
Track3.mp3 Once upon my cheek
Glee John Wall Calcott

Track10.mp3 Diadem - All hail the power of Jesu's name
Arise and Hail the Joyful Day
While Shepherds watched their flocks by night -
(sung to: Otford, Lyngham, and Pentonville tunes)
Chris Bullough, Sheila Macadam, David Hudson, Caroline Ungoed-Thomas, Val Wallace  

WORKSHOP and CAROL SERVICE at Banbury  -  7th December 2008

This is, I think, a cd from Tony Singleton, with several repeats both from the Workshop and
the carols.  Which copies can be removed ???  Pictures in separate file to follow elsewhere.  
download this zip file containing 20 tracks of carols, and save to your Music folder. When the zip is opened, save the separate tracks so unzipped to a separate folder named Banbury Carols 2008 (or whatever you want it called) and also save in Music folder. Open Track 1  with the music reader programme you usually use(NOT Capella Reader), and hopefully the other files will play then sequentially.
Track1.mp3 O Remember Adam's Fall - Remember O thou man  
Track 2.mp3 O come, O come, Emmanuel  
Track 3.mp3 Joy to the World - Joseph Key of Nuneaton      
Track 4.mp3 Magnificat  - My soul doth magnify the Lord - Joseph Key of Nuneaton      
Track 5.mp3 Nunc Dimmitis - Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace      
Track 6.mp3 High let us swell our tuneful  
Track 7.mp3 How beautiful upon the mountains  
Track 8.mp3 Diadem - All hail the power of of Jesu's name      
Track 9.mp3 Gibraltar - words ??      
Track 10.mp3 Diadem - All hail the power of of Jesu's name (a faster instrumental version!)      
Track 11.mp3 Diadem - All hail the power of of Jesu's name (another version)      
Track 12.mp3 O come, O come, Emmanuel (another version)      
Track 13.mp3 Joy to the World      
Track 14.mp3 Magnificat  - My soul doth magnify the Lord -  Joseph Key of Nuneaton      
Track 15.mp3 Nunc Dimittis - Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace      
Track 16.mp3 High let us swell our tuneful      
Track 17.mp3 How beautiful upon the mountains      
Track 18.mp3 Diadem etc      
Track 19.mp3 Gibraltar -  words ??      
Track 20.mp3 Diadem again.      

The 20th & last Oxford Psalmody Visitation to Oxfordshire Churches  2019
St Mary's, Chalgrove - St Peter's, Easington -
St Bartholomew's, Brightwell Baldwin - St Mary the Virgin, Ewelme
[The same music was used in differing churches, hence the duplications]
14-Gibraltar.mp3 Gibraltar - Jesus shall reign    
15-SH-China 163.mp3 China - Why do we mourn departing friends?
Sacred Harp 163 B
16-SH-Jefferson-148.mp3 Jefferson - Glorious things of thee are spoken
SH 148
17EasterAnthem.mp3 Easter Anthem - The Lord is risen indeed
SH 236
18-Nunc_Dimittis.mp3 Nunc Dimittis in Eb - Now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace - by William Jackson of Exeter    
19-Cookfield.mp3 Cookfield -    
beaten sail.mp3
Never Weatherbeaten Sail - music and words by Thomas Campion    
21-Hymn-on-150.mp3 Hymn from 150th Psalm - Praise ye the Lord - an unknown setting from the Catsfied MS Quirebooks.    
22-Wigan.mp3 Ps 23 Watts - Wigan - The Lord my Shepherd is - Thomas Firth of Leeds    
23-Shropshire.mp3 Shropshire Funeral Hymn - Weep not for me yoy standers by    
24-Lydia.mp3 Lydia -    
Babylon Streams - Thomas Campion's setting of Psalm 137    
26-Save-me.mp3 Ps. 69 NV - Save me O God from waves that roll~Stephen Jarvis of Dartmouth    
Nunc Dimittis in Eb -
by William Jackson of Exeter
28-Wells-28B.mp3 Wells - Life is the time to serve the Lord
SH 28
33-Psalm34.mp3 Ps. 34 NV - Wiltshire - Joseph Stephenson of Poole    
35-Psal34-2.mp3 Ps. 34 NV - Wiltshire - Joseph Stephenson of Poole    
The Black Hymn & Never Weatherbeaten Sail - music and words by Thomas Campion    
David's Lamentation - David the King
SH 268
41-Heres- a-health.mp3 Here's my heart, my loving Jesus
SH 361
David's Lamentation - David the King
SH 268
The Complaint of the Righteous    
49-SH-Northfield.mp3 Northfield - How long, dear Saviour, Oh how long
SH 155
50-Bridgewater.mp3 Bridgewater - From all that dwell below the kies
SH 276
51-Mear-49B.mp3 Mear - Will God for ever cast us off?
SH 49B
52-SH-Mount Desert.mp3 Mount Desert - Unshaken as the sacred hill
SH 474
53-SH-Evening-Shade.mp3 Evening Shade - The day is past and gone
SH 209
Shropshire Funeral Hymn - Weep not for me you standers by    
Africa - Now shall my inward joys arise
SH 178
Hymnon150thPsalm.mp3 Hymn from 150th Psalm - Praise ye the Lord - an unknown setting from the Catsfied MS Quirebooks. Another 'performance'.    

Northgate Methodist Church, Warwick
6th February 2011 or "Old Christmas"
A performance of carols, readings from Thomas Hardy, and the first outing of IGQ's Mummers' play
01 Track 1.mp3 The band  plays Christmas music from a parallel tradition to west gallery in Northern Italy
Quanno Ascetti Ninno, and La Pastorale
02 Track 2.mp3 Introduction and poem by Thomas Hardy - The Oxen. Peter Grant
Sheila Macadam
Going the Rounds with the Melstock quire
03 Track 3.mp3 Carol: All Glory to God and peace upon earth
Janet Blunt MSS, Adderbury, Oxon.
  C 25a
04 Track 4.mp3 Preparation for the rounds    
05 Track 5.mp3 Carol: Hark the Herald Angels - Newtons or St Pauls Oxford and other MSS sources   C 1
/06 Track 6.mp3 The quire sets off    
07 Track 7.mp3 Carol: Hark the Herald Angels - Thomas Clark
tune: Calcutta
C 52a
08 Track 8.mp3 Stick to Strings    
09 Track 9.mp3 Carol: Arise and Hail the Glorious Day - Bundell MS Madding Crowd   C 19
At the Schoolhouse ---
10 Track 10.mp3 ... the quire arrives    
11 Track 11.mp3 Carol: Come celebrate the auspicious morn - Joseph Key of Nuneaton, Warwickshire   C 120
12 Track 12.mp3 Anyone in?    
13 Track 13.mp3 Carol: Arise, sing, and rejoice - Joseph Stephenson of Poole, Dorset - Tune Wiltshire   C 162
14 Track 14.mp3 One more then ...    
15 Track 15.mp3 Carol: Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes - William Billings - Tune: Bennington   C 136
16 Track 16.mp3 Thank you singers    
17 Track 17.mp3 Carol: Bethlehem Star - Lo the Eastern Magi Rise - Samuel Stanley   C 159
18 Track 18.mp3 To Farmer Shiner's ---
19 Track 19.mp3 Carol: While Shepherds Watched - William Marsh of Kent - Tune: Pentonville
Carol: Shepherds Rejoice and send your fears away - William Seal MS   
both Carols are 'accompanied' by Farmer Shiner at his upstairs bedroom window
  C 143

C 160
20 Track 20.mp3 Carol: Let us all with heart and voice - Herman French MS, Dorset   C 8
21 Track 21.mp3 To the Rectory    
22 Track 22.mp3 Carol: Angels from the realms of glory - Thomas Greatorex.  Tune: Birmingham   C 176
23 Track 23.mp3 To the last houses...    
24 Track 24.mp3 Carol: Hail happy morn, thrice happy we - Joseph Key of Nuneaton, Warwickshire   C 126
Christmas Morning service ...
25 Track 25.mp3  ... Preparations    
26 Track 26.mp3 Carol: Behold the Prince of Life - John Moreton -
Tune: Bengal
  C 177
27 Track 27.mp3 Problems    
28 Track 28.mp3 Anthem (through composed): While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night - John Arnold of Great Warley, Essex   C 158
29 Track 29.mp3 Carol: Shine on, Bright Star - There is a star in yonder sky - C C Case   C 128
30 Track 30.mp3 Carol: I heard the bells on Christmas Day - J W Shyrock   C 127
The Mummers Play, featuring ...
31 Track 31.mp3 Jack Fenn, the sweeper - David Hudson
Old Mother Christmas - Chris Bullough
The Black Prince - Peter Grant
King George - Rob Watts
The Turkish Knight - John Heptinstall
The Doctor - Ian Meddoms
Napoleon Bonaparte - Edwin Macadam
The King of Prussia - Peter Gatenby
The Duke of Cumberland - Alan Morris
Captain Thunderbolt - Apollo Economides
Beelzebub - David Shufflebotham
32 Track 32.mp3 Carol: sung by the Ladies after the Mummers had departed - While Shepherds Watched their Flocks, to the tune Otford - Michael Beesly   C 94
33 Track 33.mp3 Carol: Joy to the World - Thomas Jarman of Clipstone, Northamptonshire   C 169
34 Track 34.mp3 And the last carol ---    
35 Track 35.mp3 Carol: Awake, Awake the lofty song - Thomas Merritt of Illogen, Cornwall   C 178

Trafalgar Day Celebration Concert (and Supper) and lighting of the Beacon,
Burton Bassett, Warwickshire 
download this zip file containing 20 tracks of carols, and save to your Music folder. When the zip is opened, save the separate tracks so unzipped to a separate folder named Banbury Carols 2008 (or whatever you want it called) and also save in Music folder. Open Track 1  with the music reader programme you usually use (NOT Capella Reader), and hopefully the other files will play then sequentially.
01 Track 1.mp3 Psalm 69 - New Poole - William Knapp - They that in ships with courage bold    
02 Track 2.mp3 Patriotic Round - The glass was just timed to the critical hour Bernard Collard  
03 Track 3.mp3 Euroclydon - Anthem by Wiilliam Billings Bernard Collard, Mike Torbe  
04 Track 4.mp3 Britain Strike Home Edwin Macadam  
05 Track 5.mp3 Sung with the Audience ...    
06 Track 6.mp3 'A New Song' to the tune of the National Anthem    
07 Track 7.mp3 Hornpipe - with guest soloists    
08 Track 8.mp3 Final National Anthem and Huzzas    

West Gallery & Shapenote Workshop
at the Unitarian Chapel, Warwick - Warwick Folk Festival 2008
Track 1.mp3
pub. Michael Beesly 1742
Track 2.mp3
James Leach c. 1794
Track 3.mp3
J White 1792-1832
Track 4.mp3
Old 100th
Psaumes de David 1551
Track 5.mp3
St Thomas
Aaron Williams 1770
Track 6.mp3
Daniel Read 1785
rack 7.mp3
Old 100th, including shaped parts    
Track 8.mp3
St Thomas, including shaped parts    
rack 9.mp3
Windham, including shaped parts    

Carol Concert at All Saints' Church, Cheltenham - 5th December 2009
"This church was built so as not to have to listen to this sort of music" - [quote from the concert!]

These two files are unedited and record (one or warts and all!) the two parts of the evening.  Some of the links and speeches are a little faint as the speakers were not necessarily near to the recording mikes. The Rector/Vicar was Rev'd Gant, and our host for the evening was Cameron Luke, a former Doctoral scholar at the Faculty of Music at the University of Oxford and a friend of Sheila Macadam. He also was the organist and choirmaster at All Saints. 
There are no spaces between the carols and joining links.
Part 1 - Cheltenham_All_Saints_Dec2009_Cheltenham_Carols_2009-pt1.mp3
Whose recording was this
>> Cameron Luke ??? I don't think it was Peter Gatenby

NB - Currently all these items are
contained in one large file
Cooke's Canon
Lift up your voices to the sky
Down with the Rosemary and the Bays
Chris Bullough
Shepherds and angels.........
Dave Hudson
If angels sung a Saviour's birth
Peter Grant
Edwin M
Anthem -
  &c..... needs completion

Part 2 - Cheltenham_All_Saints_Dec2009_Cheltenham_Carols_2009-pt2.mp3

NB - Currently all these items are
contained in one large file
The Rules of Dancing - Ian Meddoms
Edwin - Early American musical tastes
Sheila -
Shiloh - Methinks I see a heavenly host - William Billings
Sheila - poem I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Bennington - Shepherds rejoice - William Billings
Sheffield - Joy to the World - William Billings
Nativity - Mortals awake - Bruce Randall (1990)
Gloucestershire Wassail
Rob Watts - Roasted Crabs and Wassailing
Jacob's Well - At Jacob's well a stranger
Val Wallace ? Caroline ?
Glory to God ???
Chris, Hilda, Chris, Peter Grant, Sheila/Karen?
Birley Edge - Mortals awake
Ian Meddoms
Silent Night - arrangement from Sheffield tradition
Nativity from Rotherham MS - Come let us join in one great theme
WSW - Lyngham + serpent!
Ian Wallace
Finale from Knapp's anthem - Praise is the Lord
Cameron - differences and warts ...
  &c..... needs completion, timing etc.    

Carol Concert for the participants of the Afternoon Workshop
at the parish church, Bishop's Itchington, Sunday 14th December 2008

Part the First    
01 Remember O Thou Man.mp3    
02 Reading-Luke1, 26-33 - Who name.mp3    
03 Joy to the World setting of Psalm 98-Thomas Jarman ca1840.mp3    
04 A Christmas Carol - Robert Herrick - who.mp3  who read?    
05 Come Let Us All With One Accord - Thomas Merrick.mp3    
06 Welcome - Edwin.mp3    
07 Hark the Herald Angels - Mendelssohn.mp3    
08 A Sound of Angels - Christopher Tye c 1500-1572.mp3    
09 Cameo of the Waites - Warick CRO - Edwin, Barbara, Ian M.mp3    
10 Past Three O'clock.mp3    
11 Hark, Hark What News - 1760 - Joseph Stephenson.mp3    
12 Eddi's Service - Rudyard Kipling - Sheila.mp3    
13 Shepherds Rejoice - Bennington - Billings.mp3    
14 O Little Town of Bethlhem.mp3    
15 The Paphian Ball part 1 - Thomas Hardy - David Hudson.mp3    
16 While Shepheds Watched - Otford - Michael Beesly b 1700.mp3    
17 The Paphian Ball part 2 - Peter Gatenby query.mp3    
18 Rejoice ye Tenants of the Earth - William Giffard 1804.mp3    
Part the Second    
19 St Albans Volunteer's Slow March by Charles Bridgeman.mp3    
20 Reading from St Matthw 1 vv 1-12.mp3    
21 Lo! the Eastern Magi rise - Star of Bethlehem by Samuel Stanley.mp3    
22 A Reading on twefth night tradition from Twelfth Night by Thomas Herrick.mp3    
23 Seraphic Minstrels, Crnish carol by W B Ninnis 1810-1830.mp3    
24 Extract from a letter.mp3    
25 The origin of the carol Old Christians - Christians Awake.mp3    
26 Christians Awake by John Wainwright of Stockport.mp3    
27 Introduction to Birley Edge.mp3    
28 Birley Edge - carol from Worral, near Sheffield.mp3    
29 Introduction to Jacob's Well.mp3    
30 Jacob's Well to the tune Knaresborough by Jmes Leach of Wardle, Lancs..mp3    
31 Carol Singing by Laurie Lee Intro by who ;;;; read by Val Wallace.mp3    
32 Dissention in the Quire! Corunna bby Thomas Clark.mp3    
33 Carol Singing, from Memories of Ashton Under Hill, by Fred Archer Reader Edwin.mp3    
34 While Shepherds Watched to the tune Lyngham by Thomas Jarman.mp3    
35 Carol singing from Under thr Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy.mp3    
36 Arise and Hail, traditional Cornish Caro. arr. by Dave Townsend of the Mellstock Band.mp3
ufortunately the recording is cut off not far into verse one!

WGMA - West Gallery Favourites
CD made at Halsway Manor March 2003

01 Gibralter.mp3      
02 Cookfield Tune.mp3      
03 Birmingham.mp3      
04 Fish Street.mp3      
05 Creation.mp3      
06 Wiltshire.mp3      
08 Rejoice, ye tenants of the earth.mp3      
09 Come and Worship.mp3      
10 Bright Angels.mp3      
11 Nativity.mp3      
12 Shepherds Rejoice.mp3      
13 Lydia.mp3    
14 Psalm 69 NV.mp3      
15 Psalm 23 OV.mp3  -  Thomas Clark      
16 Wigan.mp3      
17 St. Stephens.mp3      
18 Psalm 15- To the Funeral.mp3      
19 The dying Christian to his Soul.mp3    
20 Spanking Rodger.mp3      
21 Cambridge New.mp3      
22 Sagina.mp3  -  Jarman   vv 1, 4, 5. all with repeats  
23 Otford.mp3  -  Michael Beesly  -  Psalm 8 OV O God our Lord how wonderful vv 1 - 4 and Dox Repeat all


IGQ red Grand Day Out book, for use on ZOOM

25-Babylon-Streams.mp3 Babylon Streams all page 1 Ami P99  
03 Birmingham.mp3 Birmingham [WGMA] vv 1 2 3 8 10 page 6 /19 A H23C  
Black Hymn & Joys of Heaven [2019 Visit] vv 1 2 3 4 5 6 page 10 G H93  
Track13.mp3  Brailes all page 8 G H90  
Track4.mp3 Calcutta - Herald Angels vv 1 3 page 13 Eb C52A  
07 Track 7.mp3 Calcutta - Herald Angels vv 1 3 page 13 E C52A  
19-Cookfield.mp3 Cookfield
[St Mary V. Oxford]
vv 1 2 3 4 Dox page 9 G P17  
05 Creation.mp3 Creation - Last Full Wain  [WGMA] vv 1 2 3 4 page 17 Bb C40A  
David's Lamentation [Visit 2019] shapes + rpt
1 + rpt
page 22 Ami U103  
Track 18.mp3 Diadem 1 2 3 4 5
Not P & G symphony
page 20 Bb C46B  
Track 3.mp3 Egypt all page 23 Gmi H11  
01 Gibralter.mp3 Gibraltar [WGMA] vv 1 3 4 5 page 26 G P56  
Track33.mp3 Green Street 1 only page 30 Bb H47  
Track19.mp3 Here's a health to all good lasses page 32 G M25  
Track18.mp3 Hymn on Gunpowder Plot    1 2 3 page 38 F H66  
Track2.mp3 Hymn on Gunpowder Plot + Alan & Lorna (?) 1 2 3 page 38 F H66  
Track3.mp3   Knapp My Life's a Shade vv 1 5 6 page 40 Gmi H22  
Track3.mp3 Once upon my cheek all page 71 G M32  
While Shepherds Watched  Otford - While Shepherds vv 1 2 3 6 repeat all page 52 G C94  
Track31.mp3 Psalm 34 NV - Stephenson 1 2 3 9 Dox page 46 C P42  
33-Psalm34.mp3 Psalm 34 NV - Wiltshire [Visit 2019] 1 3 7 8 9 page 46 C P42  
Sagina.mp3  -  Jarman Sagina - And can it be 1 4 5 repeat all page 56 Bb H53  
23-Shropshire.mp3 Shropshire Funeral Hymn [St Mary V. Oxford 2019] 1 2 3 4 page 60 Ami P14  
Track 5.mp3 St Thomas - Psalm 95 Watts no shapes, 1 2 3 page 70 G U148  
Tenants of the Earth.mp3 Tenants of the Earth vv 1 2 3 4 page 61 C C86  
19 The dying Christian.mp3 Vital Spark (MCB/MC] all page 66 Fmi / Fma A9E
Track5.mp3 Vital Spark (IGQ) all page 66 Fmi / Fma A9E  
While Shepherds Watched  Otford - While Shepherds vv 1 2 3 6 repeat all page 52 G C94  


Other IGQ repertoire, for use on ZOOM

Praise & Glory (P & G), the dark blue WGMA Psalter, for use on ZOOM

Other IGQ repertoire, for use on ZOOM
Track24.mp3 Easter Anthem by William Billings.          
The Dying Christian.mp3 Vital Spark (MCB/MC] all   Fmi / Fma A9E