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Joseph Key - Excise Minute Books &c.
224  -  page 81
date ? 9th May 1735
225  -  page 82
As  part of a wide-ranging reorganisation covering several Collections, Jos. Kay (c'd be Key) was ordered from Lincoln 2nd OR to Lincoln 1st OR. The marginal name is clearly Kay, but the text could be interpreted as either, the 'e' being probably overwritten by an 'a'.

[It would seem that this should be Joseph Key]

226  -  page 106
Saturday 10th May 1735
Notwithstanding the Minute of yesterday (ie Friday 9th May 1735?) for the Collection to place a proper
Officer in Stains Division Surry Collection, it is now Ordered that Joseph Key Officer of Lincoln 2nd OR be Officer of Stains on Mr Wyldes mocon (sic) and that Thomas Brook dropt Assistant at Yarmouth be Officer of Lincoln 2nd OR.
227  -  page 106
[copy of previous page]
229  -  page 164
Monday 16th June 1735


228  -  page 165
... Thomas  Crooke Officer of Chertsea being ordered Officer of Colnbrook 1st Division and Robert Davison there to Stains; Ordered that Thomas Key [at Stains] who was ordered into that Collection when Thomas Hurd Officer of Stains was made made an Examiner and has since been there, be at the end of the Arrear (?Round) Officer of Chertsea. Vide Mr Fletchers letter of the 14th instant.
[Thomas Key is subsequently changed to Joseph Key in the margin - the Clerk being confused with too many Thomasses].


223  -  page 95
221  -  page 99

Not withstanding the Order of last ... ...
222  -  page 100
... ... Friday, it is now ordered that Jos Kay Officer of Chertsea Division Surrey Collection be at his own request Officer of Barnsley 1st OR Sheffield Collection (see the said Kay's letter of 22nd Post) that Jno. Maxwell Officer of Linton Division Cambridge Collection be Officer of Chertsea Division on Mr Polhill's motion ... etc
215  -  pages 53 and 54

[same handwriting as previous picture, but no useful text]



At this point nothing further has been found in the intervening years
relating to this Joseph Key, leaving one to suppose that what follows
is for a different person of the same name.

214  -  page [? 53 or 54]
Friday 26 Feb 1762
This is a long minute, and includes pages 55 and 56.
216  -  page [55]
DATE 26 Feb 1762
.... Aked and Co: at Bradford in Leeds Collection being distilling Spirits for Exportation, as by Mr Coates Supervisor his letter of the 22nd inst., and the General Inspector of the District his report thereon Ordered that Joseph Key on Mr Bowyers motion, Peter Head on Mr Scotts motion, and Richard Shaw on Mr Orlebans motion be Assistants at ....
217  -  page 56
.... Bradford on account of the Spirits made for exportation; that they attend the said Distill house in the manner proposed by the General Report; and that the Officers who instructed them do give them notice.

[This appears to be the first appointment for three new Assistants, including Joseph Key.]

pictures 218, 219, 220 do not exist.
209   page 30
Monday 24 May 1762
[This page gives the date for the Minute on the following page]
210   page 31
James Halhead Officer at Kirkham Division Lancaster Collection having been 25 years employ'd in the Service of the revenue & being by age & infirmities render incapable of performing the business of an Officer, and by Mr Tomlinson's Supervisor his letter of the 19th inst, Ordered that the said Halhead Relinquish & have leave to qualify for the Charity & that George Key late Assistant at Bradford Leeds Collection be Officer of the Kirkham Division or such otheer as he shall be fit for.
211 - page 113
Friday 16th July 1762
[This page gives the date for the Minutes on the following pages. There has apparently been a reorganisation taking place, all of which is minuted under this date]


  213   page 118 
CUST 47/236/1
[this is the same as picture 212]


212 - page 118
Not withstanding a Minute in Remove Book (Lancaster Collection) it is now Ordered that Joseph Key Officer of Kirkham Division be Officer of Wigan 3 OR.

[there follows a complete reorganisation of Warrington, Kirkham and Wigan Divisions, etc.]

208 - page 76
Saturday 1stJune 1765
Jane Key Office Keeper at the Sign of the Cock at Redbourne beeing dead ...  
[This is Josiah Key's widow, but no traceable connection to the Key family]
206 - page 99
... June 1769 [date on previous page, but also see next entry on page 100 of this Volume of Minutes - say Friday 16th June 1769]
Mr Crofts Collector and Supervisor having by Letter od=f the 29th past set forth to the Board that Leeds 5th and 6th Divisions and 9 OR Leeds Collection are become too weighty for the Officers therein in the manner it ought to be done, and proposing that a New Division be made to be called Leeds 7th Division, Ordered that there be a New Division made as proposed; that Leeds %th and 6th Divisions & 9 OR together with the New Division be laid out according to the schemes sent up with the said Letter & the General Examiners Report thereon; that the Officer of the New Division, a Foot Walk,  have a salary of £50 per annum payable from Excise; that Joseph Key Officer of Wigan 3 OR Manchester ...
207 - page 100
... Manchester Collection be Officer of the said New Division [Leeds 7th Division] on Mr Quarme's motion; that the Superintendent or proper Officer supply the Vacancy; andthat Thomas Huthwaite be Superintendent on Mr Stonhewer's motion.

The immediately following entry is dated Saturday 17th June 1769

  205 - page 75
Wednesday 9th August 1769
Joseph Key Officer of Leeds 7th Division, Leeds Collection, and Thomas Stott officer of Leeds Glass Division are given consent to exchange by mutual request, and confirmation by Mr Cross, a Collector and Supervisor.
202 - page 44
confirms date of Wed 24 Oct 1770
203 - page 45
JK of Leeds Glass having prayed leave to ...
204 - page 46
... relinquish, as per his letter of 20th inst., ... was replaced by &c
199 - page 100
confirms date of Fri 8 Nov 1771
200 - page 101
continues entry for 8 Nov 1771
201 - page 102
continues entry for 8 Nov 1771
Pictures 193, 194,  and 195 - pages 2 and 3
Tues 19 Nov 1771
Joseph Key, restored, who had by minute of the 8th inst. been appointed Officer at of Hull 6 Divn. do await another vacancy; that William TroutbeckOfficer of Bishop Aukland OR Durham Colection be Officer of Hull 6 Dvn. in his stead, on Mr Bowyer's motion, ... ... See Key's Letr. of the 15th inst.
Picture 196 - pages 92 and 93
no reference to Joseph Key, but confirms date - Tues 26 May 1772
197 - pages 94 and 95
New Division to be created, viz. Nuneaton 2nd Division in the Coventry Collection ...  [entry before Wed 27 May 1772]
198 - pages 96 and 97
... that the new Officer have a salary of £50 pa, payable from Excise, and that Joseph Key, late Officer of Leeds Glass Divn, who relinquished and has been restored, be the Officer of the said new division.