Immanuel’s GROUND

Warwick's West Gallery Quire

Mid-Shires' Quires' Day 2023
The Eighteenth
Saturday 22 April 2023
starting at 10.00 am (doors open 9.30 am)
at Byfield Village Hall, Byfield, Northants 
NN11 6UT

Since April 2005 Immanuel's Ground have hosted a day of singing and playing west gallery music using material by regional composers and compilers. This music comes from printed sources or discovered in manuscript books known to have been used by church quires and bands.

Conductors for 2023 are:
Ken Baddley
Zuzanna Forster-Fake
Edwin Macadam
Sheila Macadam
Tony Singleton
Gillian Warson

Mid-Shires' Quires' Day 2023 takes place on Saturday 22 April 2023
in its regular venue, the Village Hall, Byfield, Northants, NN11 6UT.  Byfield is on the A361, midway between the M40 (Junction 11) and the M1 (Junction 16).

We still need to recognise the need for some social distancing as Covid may be lurking, so please book early to ensure a place, and to enable the production of music books. 
e need please to receive your form by Tuesday 11 April 2023.  
Early applications would be appreciated, especially if you are bringng an instrument
as it helps with the choice of music !

Booking Form:


The music link (NOW ACTIVE) is here:-

This music is for practice only. You do not need to download every page!
There is a complete book of music for you when you reach the Village Hall at Byfield.

For further information, please contact Edwin and Sheila Macadam  
Tel:  01865 - 865773
   Email Address: