Immanuel’s Ground

Warwick's West Gallery Quire

Music for Taster Day - 18th November 2023

Taster Day 2023 front cover-b&w 3.pdf -  (includes Contents list)


C001_Newtons or St Pauls.pdf

C013a_Lyngham_WSWTFBN_Jarman (1).pdf

C127_I Heard The Bells.pdf

C171_Gibraltar-both words.pdf  (two sets of words)


C46B - Diadem with Symphs.pdf

C50a_Wrapt in the silence revn3-2017.pdf

C73_New Christians.pdf




NBs for Quire members

- C80 B the Knapp  is an update on the music in the Carols Book 2004
- C171 Gibraltar contains two sets of words, for Jesus shall reign, and for
            On Jordan's bank

Please therefore download these and bring them to the event