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Because of the current Coronavirus pandemic we have sadly had to cancel all events and practices
until further notice.  See you as soon as we can !!
In the meantime, we continue with our fortnightly zoom sessions on a Wednesday evening.

The Virtual
Mid Shires' Quires' Day 2021 on Zoom on Saturday 24th April.

Screen shot by Julie Heptinstall of some 30 of the 55 attendees who attended the Zoomed version of
Mid Shires' Quires' Day 2021 on Saturday 24th April.
We also welcomed five WGMA members from the USA
The booking at Byfield, Northants, for next year, is confirmed as 23rd April 2022.


In the hope that there will be a window of opportunity to hold
our biennial day of west gallery music,
Sing Birmingham 2021 at King's Norton, Birmingham,
is being planned for
Saturday, 6th November 2021.
Let us hope and pray that this will be possible by that time!
Please contact us for further details.



>>>>>>>> Music from past performances - link here <<<<<<<<
Pictures from past years - link here





We invite you to sing along with some of our music!
Here are a variety of files to listen to  and/or sing along with,
mp3 files from IGQ's past recordings - some practice, some performance, to listen to,
pdf files from our repertoire which give our settings of the music, plus words,
midi files created from the music software we use, and
capx files from which the pdfs are created, and which are readable to sing along with,
using Capella Reader...

Capella Reader is a free programme for cap and capx files which lets you listen to,
sing along with, extract your part - treble, alto, tenor, or bass -
It will also read Music XML files and MIDI files

Download it here - it's free !!

 (this is an updated address)
The above link takes you to the Capella Reader
You need the version for PCs, not MAC version.
Follow the moving cursor as it plays. This will enable you to sing along!
These Capella files (.capx) should now open in Capella Reader:
The capx files will usually appear at the bottom left of this page when you click the link
You may need to click the file after it appears to get it to open in Capella Reader.
It is best to download, and install, Capella Reader first !

 Immanuel's Ground at their Concert The Path to Waterloo at Northgate Church, Warwick on Saturday 20th June 2015
 VIDEO The Path to Waterloo various About the first 30 minutes of Part One of the concert on 20th June 2015     MP4 file (very large)    
VIDEO Anthem  -  I will sing unto the Lord, set for Country Quires
and especially for Immanuel's Ground West Gallery Quire of Warwick
Bruce Randall, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, America Video of the first public performance of the Anthem given by Immanuel's Ground at their Concert The Path to Waterloo at Northgate Church, Warwick on Saturday 20th June 2015, held in aid of the charity Help for Heroes for whom over 1,000 was raised.
MP4 file (large)    
Quire ref. First line Composer Description Tune name Treble or Tenor led Files
MP3 Midi Capx PDF
A 9 e Vital spark of heav'nly flame Edward Harwood Anthem - Religious Ode

Full score
Treble / Tenor

Both mid

A 78 I heard a great voice William Billings short Anthem Funeral Anthem     mid capx pdf
A 16 O praise the Lord Unknown - Catsfield, Sussex MS Anthem with fugues Hymn from 150th Psalm mp3 mid capx pdf
A 72 Although the Fig Tree John Beaumont short Anthem The Barren Fig Tree   mp3 mid capx pdf
P 48 B My God, my God, O tell me
Benjamin Cooke Verse Anthem from
Psalm 22
The Complaint of the Righteous mp3 capx pdf
D 3 Now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace   Canticle, from Luke Nunc Dimittis         pdf
D 19 O be joyful in the Lord all ye lands Thomas Clark Canticle/Ps 100 Prose Jubilate Deo       capx  
MC-194 Now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace William Jackson Canticle, from Luke Nunc Dimittis in Eb   mp3   none pdf
MC-194 Now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace William Jackson Canticle, from Luke
a second version
Nunc Dimittis in Eb   mp3   none pdf
Quire ref. First line Composer Description Tune name Treble or Tenor led Files
MP3 Midi Capx PDF
H 10 B Grace 'tis a charming sound Thomas Clark Psalm 33 NV Cranbrook (On Ilkla' Moor...)       capx
H 103 Who are these like stars appearing Darmstadt Gesangbuch, 1698 Hymn All Saints Old       capx  
H 114 This is the field, the world below MS from the Yorks / Lancs borders - Unknown composer   Harvest Home
Treble is a close second !
        Gibralter   mp3      
H 78 The Lord my Shepherd is Thomas Firth Psalm 23 Watts Wigan   mp3      
H 123 There is a land of pure delight     Irish       capx  
P 14 Weep not or me you standers by Jno Symons Shropshire Funeral Hymn Ps 15 or to the Funeral mp3 pdf
Quire ref. First line Composer Description Tune name Treble or Tenor led Files
MP3 Midi Capx PDF
P 14 Weep not or me you standers by Jno Symons Shropshire Funeral Hymn Ps 15 or to the Funeral mp3 pdf
P 82   Joseph Key Psalm 150 NV Psalm CL (150)
Tenor line only - (Air)

P 84   Thomas Clark Psalm 33 NV Psalm 33       capx  
P 139 Ye boundless realms of joy Rev John Darwell Psalm 148 NV Darwell's 148th       capx  
P 154     Psalm 104 NV Deptford Treble     capx  
      Cookfield   mp3      
      Lydia   mp3      
  Thomas Campion   Babylon Streams   mp3      
Psalter Save me O God   Psalm 69 NV Psalm 69   mp3      
Psalter Through all the changing scenes of life Joseph Stephenson Psalm 34 NV Psalm 34   mp3      
H 19 Never weather-beaten sail Thomas Campion       mp3     pdf
H 19 Never weather-beaten sail Thomas Campion a second version mp3 pdf
Quire ref. First line Composer Description Tune name Treble or Tenor led Files
MP3 Midi Capx PDF
Many of these files are those from IGQ singing as part of Oxford Occasionals and Oxford Psalmody in Oxford University chapels,
and the University Church of St Mary the Virgin in 2008 and 2010.
  Now shall my inward joys arise WIlliam Billings Sacred Harp 178 Africa   wav     pdf
  Why do we mourn departing friends Timothy Swan Sacred Harp 163 B China   mp3     pdf
  Glorious things of thee are spoken Tennesse Harmony Sacred Harp 148 Jefferson   mp3     pdf
  The Lord is risen indeed! WIlliam Billings Sacred Harp 236 Easter Anthem   mp3     pdf
  Life is the time to serve the Lord Israel Holdroyd Sacred Harp 28 B Wells   mp3     pdf
David the King Billings Sacred Harp 268 David's Lamentation mp3 pdf
David the King Billings - 2nd version Sacred Harp 268 David's Lamentation mp3 pdf
  Here's my heart, my loving
Pietro Guglielmi, arr. Sacred Harp 361 Loving Jesus   mp3     pdf
  How long, dear Saviour O how long Jeremiah Ingalls Sacred Harp 155 Northfield   mp3     pdf
  From all that dwell below the skies Lewis Edson Sacred Harp 276 Bridgewater   mp3     .pdf
  Will God for ever cast us off? from Bay Psalm Book 1698 Sacred Harp 49 B Mear   mp3     pdf
  Unshaked as the sacred hill Bruce Randall, 1985 Sacred Harp 474 Mount Desert   mp3     pdf
  The day is past and gone Stephen Jenks Sacred Harp 209 Evening Shade   mp3     pdf
Other Not in our repertoire!
  Waft her gently through the skies G F Handel Aria from Jeptha         capx  
  While Shepherds watched Brady   Carol          

If you would like any further details, or would like adding to our circulation list,
contact us

[replace -at- with @]

Picture - Rachel Conlon

Immanuel's Ground is a Quire based in Warwick, was formed in the Autumn of 2001, and draws members from the "Heart of England", which, generally speaking, is Oxfordshire, Northants, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. We also have members from further afield.

As a costumed quire, we sing music from the West Gallery period, ie roughly between 1725 and 1850, this including not only the sacred music sung in rural parish churches, so well recorded by Thomas Hardy in Under the Greenwood Tree, but also secular part-songs, glees and catches, and the popular music of the period, with especial emphasis on local composers and musicians. This is accompanied by a small number of instruments such as would have been found in any village band of that time.

The other part of our repertoire comes from a parallel and living singing tradition in America, and especially New England, that of shapenote music, with its exciting and sometimes unexpected harmonies, kept alive since the time of the earliest settlers. We also include some of the new compositions still being written today. 

We take part in concerts, church services (usually a form of evening service), carols - concerts, services and pub sessions - and are happy to share the music with local choirs by workshops and other participatory events, either on their own or as a prelude to a shared service. Local historical material is included wherever possible.  See where we shall be in the coming months.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, all our concerts and practices have been cancelled for the
forseeable future. We miss our music!

We would like to encourage additional players of appropriate instruments (strings, bassoon, clarinet, flute etc),  and singers - particularly MALE TENORS in order to strengthen the lead lines.  Much of the music is tenor-led, i.e., the tune is sung by the Tenors, and the Trebles have a very important counterpoint.

Do come along to a practice and see just how different this music
is; details of how to contact us can be found here.

Our repertoire and details of concerts and workshops, etc, can be
found here.


Before  &  After
The Quire in 1891                                                                                                The Quire in May 2016 at Stoneleigh 

When Musick's notes with steps already move
Thro' virtue's paths, and breathe with heav'nly love,
The rapt'rous mind from earthly mansions flies,
And soars aloft above the starry skies
Extract from Thomas Collins' Book of Psalmody
Nuneaton 1774

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